What can you learn about productivity from a 2-second job?

An F1 pit crew may have the world’s most demanding job.

Their office moves 21 times a year. They work in a space smaller than most start-ups. There are hundreds of millions of dollars depending on them. And they only have 2 seconds to get the job done right.

Talk about pressure!

But it’s more than a stressful job, it’s also a great lesson in business management, productivity, and borderless workspaces.

Here are five lessons we’ve picked up from watching the pits.

Know your role.

For starters, and this is essential, everyone in a team has to know their role. Whether you work in a time-critical pit crew, an aspiring start-up or an established family business, staying on task is vital.

The lack of a specific role can lead to time wasted and issues over job scope and expectations.

Respect the process.

As the world moves towards a more mobile workforce, it’s key that everyone knows their part in the process. Duplication of work and a lack of process clarity not only wastes time but can lead to confusion, errors and costly mistakes.

Do the right thing at the right time.

When your entire job lasts only 2 seconds, timing is critical. But timely productivity is just as vital in jobs that take weeks, months or even years to complete. The future of open workspaces and flexible work hours makes this even more obvious.

Without face to face communication, streamlined workflow management, monitoring tasks, and collaboration are the best ways to increase the productivity of your employees.

Preparation over perfection.

Life is unpredictable. The business world even more so. To succeed you have to be ready for anything. For a two-second pit stop, the average F1 Crew has logged 100,000 hours of practice.
For today’s mobile business being able to store, organize and retrieve data and information it has to be done in seconds.

Prepare for change.

In the 1950s, the average pit stop took more than 75 seconds. It’s now 36 times faster. Understanding that things change and become faster, easier and more automated opens your mindset to greater possibilities.

It also opens your company to greater growth and productivity.

Cloud-based solutions are a good example of this. Ten years ago clouds were something we sang about. Today the cloud is offering time and cost-saving solutions that are a huge advantage for small to medium-sized companies.

From soft skills to speedy solutions.

So far, we’ve mainly viewed agility and mobility from a human perspective. But what about the technology that facilitates it?

Just like in F1, technology and tech-driven solutions have radically changed the speed of doing business. And while you may not think so to look at one, today’s office printer is now the super engine of today’s mobile and agile company.

The right printer can open up huge opportunities for connection, collaboration, and increased productivity. This ranges from predictive analytics to maximizing workflows, customized user settings, high-end data security and tools for collaboration and mobility.

The printer is no longer an IT guys headache, but the nerve centre of your company.

And just like a race car, the right printer comes with highly responsive service teams, mobile support and predictive analytics that troubleshoot possible issues long before they become problems.

But unlike a race car, the right printer is priced to save you money. A lower cost of operation, scalable functionality, predictive analytics and cost management solutions mean fewer problems and improved cost control.

Taking a look under the hood, or should we say printer cover, you’ll benefit from 360-degree data security that lets you track and manage your data and access at all times. The flexibility to scale up as your business grows. Remote solutions that mean you are never out of access.

Add to that end-to-end workflow automated solutions, cloud integration, analytics which can be turned into business intelligence, and your printer is starting to look more and more like one of those high powered race machines.

Move into the office fast lane with freedom from slowdowns and interruptions.

Move with mobility, agility, precision and control.

Move toward increased productivity everywhere.

Move ahead with Fuji Xerox.

If you’d like to know more about how Fuji Xerox can help you and your company be more agile, and more integrated, get in touch with us today!

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